The Bus On Thursday


It wasn't just the bad break-up that caused Eleanor's life to unravel. It was the cancer. And the demons that came with it.

Freshly single and thoroughly traumatised from the ordeals of breast cancer, Eleanor Mellett starts a new job as teacher in the remote mountain hamlet of Talbingo. It's certainly peaceful enough, almost too peaceful.  But what's become of the previous teacher, the saintly Miss Barker, who has disappeared abruptly under mysterious circumstances? And what's with all the locks on the doors? And what the hell is that bus doing idling outside her house late, late at night?

"Bold, frank and savagely funny."
 Kirkus Reviews

"Barrett (is) a masterly world-builder." 
The New York Times 

"Read it you should: it's laugh-out-loud horrible and perfectly nuts - you'll never find anything like it again." 
The Guardian

"A subtly unnerving novel with a sinister climax and some imagery that’s hard to forget ."
Vol 1: Brooklyn


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