The year was 1990. The big news on the Australian rodeo circuit that year was the legendary bucking bull, Chainsaw, three times Bucking Bull of the Year and about to compete for his fourth title. Known for his formidable sideways roll upon exiting the chute, very few professional bull riders ever managed to stay aboard for the requisite eight seconds. (Chainsaw was also known for his triumphant “lap of honour” of the arena, having trounced the unhappy cowboy.) In this half-hour documentary, which we made for the ABC’s long running A Big Country series, we followed Chainsaw over several rodeos as he earned his way to win Bucking Bull of the Year for his fourth consecutive year, defeating his nearest rival Bambi by a decisive nineteen votes.

Chainsaw was nominated for Best Documentary 1991 AFI Awards.

Written and directed by Shirley Barrett

Director of Photography: Joanne Parker

Additional Camera: Edmund Milts

Sound Recordist: Victor Gentile

Sound Mixer: David White

Edited by Sara Bennett

Original music composed by Daniel Denholm

Produced by Tristram Miall